About Me

I am supposed to write about my self but their img_0085isn’t anything interesting about me that I could write. I was born in Ontario and lived there for fourteen years. I moved to a farm in Saskatchewan when I was fourteen. For a person that doesn’t play sports at all, I tend to get injured a lot. I enjoy taking pictures because there are so many things you can do and you can get very creative with it. It brings out the creative side in me. I realized that I enjoy photography after taking photography in grade 10. I also took it in grade 11 and plan on taking it in grade 12.

Some of my interests are I like to read books. At the moment I am reading the Harry Potter series. I prefer to read dystopian books because they are interesting and they talk about how things in the future could go wrong. img_0089I guess authors that write these books don’t think the future is going to be that bright. I also like to watch movies on Netflix and watch youtube videos, like How To Cook That, The Dolan Twins, and other channels. I also like to draw random things when I get bored. Sometimes my drawings turn out really nice. I also listen to music a lot, like if I dont have my headphones on the bus (usually I do) it gets very boring and feels weird. I like all kinds of music as long as it’s not country music. I hope you got to learn something about me through this blog post.