Bias In Everyday News


In the news article North Korea launches multiple surface-to-ship missiles, South Korea says there are different types of bias throughout the article.

Many people might just click on the article because they see the words North Korea and missiles. Most people might not know what surface-to-ship missiles mean so they probably think that North Korea just blew something up and click on the article to see how North Korea messed thing up this time. Also people might read this article because they might be concerned with the fact that North Korea has missiles and that they could possibly be used as threats.

In the article they put the information about the missile tests and what South Korea had to say about it at the top and as you read further you get into the details about North korea making nuclear missiles that they could use to threaten other countries. “I have not seen North Korea back down,” he added. “If they get nuclear capable missiles, they will threaten and hold sway without being deterred.” said Adam Smith, the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. This statement can alone can worry some people because the last thing people want is to be threatened by a county who has nuclear missiles.   

Experts at the time said that the missiles that were tested during May flew higher and for a longer time period of time  than any other missile previously tested by North Korea. They also say that these missiles could one day reach targets as far away as Hawaii and Alaska.

This article makes it look like a horrible thing that North Korea tested missiles or that they might have nuclear weapons soon, but there are countys who already have nuclear weapons and do missiles tests that we never even hear about.


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