Privileges in the media

We identify people as racist who are prejudice against people of other races, or who believe that one race is superior to another.  Racism is everywhere whether people notice is or not it’s there. We hear people passing racist comments all  the time but pay little attention to them. People think that kids are more resist than adults towards other races, but where do they learn it from? They aren’t just born knowing that one race is better than the other. They learn from adult and see it in the media, then go and act on what they have seen.

These Belo skin whitening ads got a lot of backlash from viewers because they were racist towards people who aren’t white. These ads showed a man who had white skin because of the product, and because he had white skin he was more socially accepted. People thought that these ads were insensitive, stupid, and inulting towards other races. there slogan which is “A little whitening makes a big difference” is also insulting because the message that people get from it is that if your skin is white you have more advantages than someone who’s skin is brown or black.


Another advertisement that got a lot of backlash was the GAP kid’s clothing campaign. many people were upset with the fact that the only black girl in the photo was used as an arrest while the others were showing off their flexibility and looking happy. people said that this advertisement give the idea that white people have more power than black people. people argued that the black girl looked more like a prop for the white girl. Gap apologized for the advertisement and to anyone it might have offended and they replaced the picture.



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