Today’s Youth

img_0291Magazines are everywhere and available for anyone to look at or buy. Teen magazines in particular like teen vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Tiger Beats, and many more are in a lot of shops and they show what teens are like. Teen magazines nowadays give a negative images on teens. They make teens look like all they care about fashion, looking the best,  and being the best. Magazines also set a standard for teens by the things that they put on their magazines. They are always showing people that are wearing fashionable things, people with perfect make-up or clean skin. This makes teens want to look like the people on the magazines. Teens try to live up to the standards that these magazines set.

img_0298Magazines like teen vogue really set the idea of how teens should dress and look. They make people think that all teens dress like the people in the magazines. They show the latest trends and teens that look at them want the stuff that is trending because they want to be part of the “group” and fit in. They show the latest fashion trend that have come out and make them sound like every teen has it so why shouldn’t you. Magazines promote thing and they become popular trends. Not all teens dress like the people in the magazine do but the older generations think that this is what teens are like because this is what they see on magazine covers. They think that teens just care about looking good, being popular, social media, and looking attractive.


img_0294 Magazines create any image for teens of a “perfect” girl or boy. They make girls want to be skinny, perfect looking, clear skin, flawless hair, and popular. Magazines like Men’s Health make boys want to be muscular, tough, stylish, and up to trend.  For example the cover of the Men’s Health on the right has a picture of a jacked man. It as word that amin to wards muscular strength like “build a beach body” in big bold letters to grab the attention of teens that might be into getting muscular. With all of these factors teens feel that they should be like that but they can’t, they are given high standard that they might not be able to meet. They show teens that their body’s shape should  be a certain shape in order for them to look a certain way. Magazines really make teens feel like they should be a certain act or look a certain way.


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