Bias In Everyday News


In the news article North Korea launches multiple surface-to-ship missiles, South Korea says there are different types of bias throughout the article.

Many people might just click on the article because they see the words North Korea and missiles. Most people might not know what surface-to-ship missiles mean so they probably think that North Korea just blew something up and click on the article to see how North Korea messed thing up this time. Also people might read this article because they might be concerned with the fact that North Korea has missiles and that they could possibly be used as threats.

In the article they put the information about the missile tests and what South Korea had to say about it at the top and as you read further you get into the details about North korea making nuclear missiles that they could use to threaten other countries. “I have not seen North Korea back down,” he added. “If they get nuclear capable missiles, they will threaten and hold sway without being deterred.” said Adam Smith, the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. This statement can alone can worry some people because the last thing people want is to be threatened by a county who has nuclear missiles.   

Experts at the time said that the missiles that were tested during May flew higher and for a longer time period of time  than any other missile previously tested by North Korea. They also say that these missiles could one day reach targets as far away as Hawaii and Alaska.

This article makes it look like a horrible thing that North Korea tested missiles or that they might have nuclear weapons soon, but there are countys who already have nuclear weapons and do missiles tests that we never even hear about.


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We have all watched a disney movie at some point in our life, but have you ever taken the time to analyze the different types of stereotypes in the movies. There are  a lot of stereotypes in disney movies weather they are right there in plain sight or hidden.  For example in the movie Aladdin there are a lot of stereotypes towards gender and race. I am going to be talking about some of the stereotypes that stood out to me while I was watching the movie Aladdin that I had never noticed as a kid.

Not many people know about this, but the song that played in the beginning of the movie “Arabian night” was actually changed after there were complaints from aradin people. The original lyrics were:

“From a faraway place

Where the caravan camels roam.

Where they cut off your ear

If they don’t like your face

It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home.”


These lyrics are racist and defame the Arabic race. They portra that Arabic people are violent and solve their problem through the use of violence and threat. Also the fact that the guards in the movie would always draw their swords when dealing with a problem supports the idea that arabic people are violent. For example when Jasmine stole an apple to give to a child and the shopkeeper threatened to cut her hands off as a punishment for theft, and when Aladdin steals the bread in the beginning of the movies, the guards are chasing him with their swords. the lyrics were later changed to: 

“Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place
Where the caravan camels roam
Where it’s flat and immense
And the heat is intense
It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home”

The characters in the movie are unique and quite different from each other. Aladin is shown
as a man who’s fighting for his survival. in the beginning of the movie he is shown as a low life person who doesn’t have a very bright future and he has to steal in order to survive and meet his needs. He doesn’t have any power over anything and then he falls in love with Princess jasmine who is a princess. Princess jasmine is shown as a respectful person who listens to what her father says and follows his instructions. she isn’t really shown as a person who does what she wants and makes her own path. Jafr is shown as the powerful male of the movie who is controlling and evil. He wants to rule and have all the power to himself, and he will do anything to get the power and cause destruction. The king is shown as a weaker person who can’t take decision on his own ,and is shown asking Jafar for advice about what to do for his daughter’s marriage then again to find a person that she could marry. The king should be the one making the decision but he is shown as a weaker person who needs the support of others to make a decision. 

These stereotypes have a negative impact on the people, especially children, watching because it gives them the idea that the way these characters are shown in the movies is just an animated version of what we should be like. They give the wrong image of what people should be like, they make people feel like there are certain ways that men and women should act and behave based on their gender. They show that women should be elegant, respectful, and that they don’t really have that much power and that men should be strong, brave, powerful, and know how to handle situations “like a man”.

Privileges in the media

We identify people as racist who are prejudice against people of other races, or who believe that one race is superior to another.  Racism is everywhere whether people notice is or not it’s there. We hear people passing racist comments all  the time but pay little attention to them. People think that kids are more resist than adults towards other races, but where do they learn it from? They aren’t just born knowing that one race is better than the other. They learn from adult and see it in the media, then go and act on what they have seen.

These Belo skin whitening ads got a lot of backlash from viewers because they were racist towards people who aren’t white. These ads showed a man who had white skin because of the product, and because he had white skin he was more socially accepted. People thought that these ads were insensitive, stupid, and inulting towards other races. there slogan which is “A little whitening makes a big difference” is also insulting because the message that people get from it is that if your skin is white you have more advantages than someone who’s skin is brown or black.


Another advertisement that got a lot of backlash was the GAP kid’s clothing campaign. many people were upset with the fact that the only black girl in the photo was used as an arrest while the others were showing off their flexibility and looking happy. people said that this advertisement give the idea that white people have more power than black people. people argued that the black girl looked more like a prop for the white girl. Gap apologized for the advertisement and to anyone it might have offended and they replaced the picture.


Today’s Youth

img_0291Magazines are everywhere and available for anyone to look at or buy. Teen magazines in particular like teen vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Tiger Beats, and many more are in a lot of shops and they show what teens are like. Teen magazines nowadays give a negative images on teens. They make teens look like all they care about fashion, looking the best,  and being the best. Magazines also set a standard for teens by the things that they put on their magazines. They are always showing people that are wearing fashionable things, people with perfect make-up or clean skin. This makes teens want to look like the people on the magazines. Teens try to live up to the standards that these magazines set.

img_0298Magazines like teen vogue really set the idea of how teens should dress and look. They make people think that all teens dress like the people in the magazines. They show the latest trends and teens that look at them want the stuff that is trending because they want to be part of the “group” and fit in. They show the latest fashion trend that have come out and make them sound like every teen has it so why shouldn’t you. Magazines promote thing and they become popular trends. Not all teens dress like the people in the magazine do but the older generations think that this is what teens are like because this is what they see on magazine covers. They think that teens just care about looking good, being popular, social media, and looking attractive.


img_0294 Magazines create any image for teens of a “perfect” girl or boy. They make girls want to be skinny, perfect looking, clear skin, flawless hair, and popular. Magazines like Men’s Health make boys want to be muscular, tough, stylish, and up to trend.  For example the cover of the Men’s Health on the right has a picture of a jacked man. It as word that amin to wards muscular strength like “build a beach body” in big bold letters to grab the attention of teens that might be into getting muscular. With all of these factors teens feel that they should be like that but they can’t, they are given high standard that they might not be able to meet. They show teens that their body’s shape should  be a certain shape in order for them to look a certain way. Magazines really make teens feel like they should be a certain act or look a certain way.

Pop Culture

Closer – The Chainsmokers ft.Halsey
Closer is a song by The Chainsmokers ft.Halsey That was released July 29 2016. Closer topped the charts in more than ten countries, and has gotten 800 million play0ae20266s on Spotify. The song was first performed live at the coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. The music video was released October 24 206 and got nominated for best pop duo/Group performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The reason why closer has gotten so popular is because of its simple and catchy beat. It’s different from other song because it’s a break up song with an upbeat melody. Another reason it’s so popular is because they released it as a single, like all their other songs, which keeps the focus on the song. They also avoided working with superstar singers because they could be overshadowed by them.

Minecraft came out on May 17 2009. Minecraft is a video game that you can play on your phone, tablet, computer, PlayStation, or Xbox. This was a great opportunity hqdefault for gamers that made YouTube channels and didn’t have popular games to play.You tubers like Prestonplayz, TheDiamondMinecart, PopularMMOs got a lot of subscribers because people liked to watch how to play the game and learn new hacks or tricks. Also people that didn’t have the full version because you had to buy it watched these you tubers so that they wouldn’t be clueless when other people talked about Minecraft.Most of these YouTubers make a living off of their channels, so Minecraft is very important to them. The do other thing on their channels but Minecraft is their main focus.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid is an is an American fashion model. Gigi Hadid started modeling when she was two years old for baby Guess, but stopped to attend school. She got back togigi0 modelling in 2011 with Guess again, and has done three short campaigns with Guess. She has won International Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, Model of The Year at the First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards, and Best Look at the TRL Awards. She is one of the top five models of 2016, and is currently working Tommy Hilfiger. Gigi Hadid is 21 years old and has been on the Vogue Magazine 20 times. she has debuted two collections with Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy x Gigi,  both which were a huge success. A lot of people are buying the collection because they think that Gigi Hadid is a great role model, who stands up for what she believes is right.